Project Grateful 143 &144: Out and about!

Yet another combo edition!

I have been doing combo editions well because I’ve made plans to go out every single day and hence havent got much time to blog. Some days like today, I went for multiple events which therefore left me with very little time to be on the internet. Heralding the coming of spring/summer, I resolve to spend less time on the internet.

So for Day 143!

I went for a volunteering event after running a couple of boring errands. It was a play and read time for a group of disadvantaged 4 year olds. They were so cute, I love interacting with them. They were not bratty at all, all doe eyed and innocent and so friendly and happy. I’m going again next week! I want to try volunteering on a more regular basis. I like working with children and I think working with disadvantaged children is more meaningful (in some ways) than volunteering in a public school. However, I want to try a variety of places and gain more experience interacting with children across all spectrums.


Day 144


Long queue waiting to enter the taping of America’s got Talent (NYC)


5 mins before the show started



The famous ‘X’s of America’s got talent. Obnoxious buzzers really, so bloody loud!

I went for the taping of America’s got talent! I’ve always wanted to go to the tapings of like X factor, America’s got talent etc. And it waaaaaaaaaas fabulous. The energy from the audience, cast members, hosts and judges was just mind blowing. New Yorkers can really make noise! The talent was really good too, lots of excellent dancers and singers. Really glad I went. I went in with very low expectations, but was blown away! The judges were really hilarious, I’m not sure why on actual TV they are less engaging. I think the show’s director/script writer do a terrible job. 😛 In real life, the judges were just so funny!

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