Project Grateful 365: Day 139

Grateful for online shopping!

April 4th, 2013

After moving to the US, I have switched to online shopping, especially when it comes to necessities. We pay for Amazon prime so apart from streaming Downton Abbey at a remarkable speed, I also buy lots of stuff from there. I usually buy soap, toothpaste, washing detergents, dishwater detergent, paper towels and bath tissues in bulk. Its very convenient and I save a buck or two form the bulk purchases. Online shopping is so much more convenient here, especially with free shipping! And really, anything that you want Amazon provides. Not everything is cheaper tho, so exercise caution,

I don’t buy perishable groceries there, because I like to smell, touch and fondle my produce. There is a Fulton market (part of KEYFOODS) which has fresh, abundant supply of groceries that are available pretty cheaply (by Manhattan standards) so that is where I mostly go to.  Ordering fresh foods can be done as a supermarket online store called (FRESH DIRECT), which is pretty good. When I first came, Fulton market was under renovation and I tried that for a while.

American eagle is my favorite store to buy clothes. There is a physical store front 30-40 minutes by foot but the online store always has a sale. There is currently a 40% promotion and I bought two things from there!

blue skater dressThis beautiful polka dot dress (COME ALREADY SPRING!!!!!) and a pair of regular straight fit jeans. They shipped out of their factory today and I’m excited to receive it, should be by Monday I hope! One good thing about shopping in America? If it doesn’t fit, I can just return it within 30 days, no questions asked! I can bring it to the store front, or I can simply just return it to the postman. Free of charge, no return shipping costs incurred! This is a far cry from Singapore. Where (if you buy stuff from the US), shipping costs as much as the item itself. As for returning the item, don’t even bother!

Don’t worry Kris! I won’t shop us into poverty. I have great restrain!

Most days. 😀

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