Project Grateful 365: Day 138 (Grateful for my apartment tour of Newport)

3rd April 2013

Yesterday I decided to cross the Hudson again to meet some  friends for lunch! I like trotting across the river very much. The walk along the Hudson (from the NJ side) is very beautiful, on days where it is not blistering cold, one can see the entire skyline of Manhattan without freezing your ass off!


Newport PATH is a lot quieter than the WTC Path, possibly because of the construction being carried out on Freedom Tower. Its very interesting because as soon as you cross the Hudson, you realize that the roads are now wider and buildings more spaced out compared to Manhattan.


Cosi’s half sandwich and half salad lunch!

Cosi’s Signature salad
Basil Mozzarella sandwich
Iced tea

Anyhow I’m very glad that those 3 ladies offered me a tour of their apartments and eventually we settled in Medha’s apartment for tea. Pineapple cake from scratch and old school Indian Chai tea. YUMs. She has a little pup called Leo-the-pup and he has these huge inquisitive eyes and a very playful demeanor – as most little puppies. I didn’t like it so much when he barked at me, but only for a bit. Most of the time, he was jumping up and down wanting to be entertained. He does that by looking at you oh-so-cutely and demanding that you play fetch with him. After 2+ hours, he got sufficiently exhausted and started to rest adorably at our feet.

And there was it after cheerful chatter and great company, 5+ hours withered away and I made my way back across the river to make dinner for my husband. (Like a dutiful wife. HA!) Made it in time to catch the pretty sunset too. So happy the sun sets around 7pm these days. WOOT WOOT


I tried making a roll with spinach and cheese for dinner. Tried is the operative word here because I didn’t drain out the spinach properly and it was smoking a great deal. As you all know, my fire alarm works superbly and I was so worried that the steam from the spinach was going to set it off. So I keep fiddling with the oven and tried to adjust and do damage control Lo and behold, I accidentally set the wax paper (base of my spinach roll) on fire (when I switched to the broiler) and had a mini fire in my kitchen. Exciting life of a home-maker, I dare day. In the end, I changed my course of action and made spinach tortilla wraps instead.

After dinner, we did a 4 mile walk! I’m very happy to note that I started out aiming to walk 20 miles a week and on my first week, I managed a very impressive 26mile walk. (total of course) This week however, has been less eventful and I only did 14 miles so far. I hope I can keep this up, I’m so inconsistent with my exercising.

2 thoughts on “Project Grateful 365: Day 138 (Grateful for my apartment tour of Newport)

  1. Medha Kudaisya

    Aw..Leo sends lots of puppy love (lol!)..he misses your boots! It was so much fun yesterday evening despite the Verizon guys coming late and making me miss lunch. We should do it again!


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