Project Grateful 365: Grateful for being loved by my nephew!

 Day 137

1st April 2013

I know that it is mean to build your happiness upon someone’s sadness  but it is a minor little thing and made me very happy.

Isaiah’s mummy was trying to skype me today.

She told Isaiah: “Isaiah, lets Skype Yiyi okay?”.

Apparently he was so excited and he kept jumping and trying to grab the Ipad.

However he was unable to get to me, because (DOH!) my phone was on silent.

So my eldest sister decided to call Isaiah on Skype with her cell. When he saw that it wasn’t me on Skype, he started to make his trademark ‘neow neow’ noises and wasn’t impressed by what he saw.

He didn’t smile when he realized that it wasn’t me and turned away from the iPad!

So henceforth I am now known as the IPAD YIYI!

Its very interesting to note that little babies understand the whole meaning to technology and anticipates a certain person to appear in the screen. I suspect that they are a lot smarter than they look, they just need a audible mechanism by which they can communicate their needs and wants. Wouldn’t it be awesome if one day, we could invent a device to tap into the brains of those little tots and determine for sure what they are thinking?

Here’s a picture of his royal cutie pie!


Partying inside his sarong


I love to eat my pacifier the wrong way!


My yummy thumb!


He recently discovered he can do many cute expression with his lips so he has been modeling his poses.

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