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Project Grateful 157: Exploring the Lower East Side (LES) in Manhattan

April 28th 2013

A fun day trotting around LES

One of our favorite things to do in the city is to walk around the city and explore new ethnic  neighborhoods/places. My friend Erin who has been around the city for some time often has good things to say about the LES area so today I decided that I’m taking Kris for an excursion to that part of town.



The sign that says it all!

My favorite streets are Essex, Rivington, Broome, Ludow.


Random wall Graffiti that had a baby with a pacifier that reminded me of my little cute one in Singapore.


Pretty blooms!

We also walked pass Economy Candy which is by the way a legendary candy store! It was opened since 1937 thats a heck of a long time. Anyways the candy store is filled to the brim and I’m proud to announce that we both walked out WITHOUT buying a single thing!

On the way back I was in a slightly silly mood and did this.


Then my husband said, ‘I have the world’s craziest wife.’

*stabs chest repeatedly*

*makes poor me face*

Project Grateful 365 – Day 156 (Annual NYC Sikh parade)

April 27th 2013

We went to a Sikh parade today, it was very entertaining and interesting. Do you know there is  half a million Sikhs in America?

On this day they also gave out free vegetarian meals and drinks, to anybody who’s hungry really. I saw this guy with a recyclable bag filled with empty plastic containers. AIYO DAMN KIASU!

While waiting behind the barricades, to see the GURU in the parade, some guy randomly stuffed a bunch of nuts/fruits in my hands. I’m not sure what the significance was, but it tasted good.


Mixed fruits and nuts

IMG_3651Chick pea curry


Those poor flag bearers were bare foot and it was a HOT DAY!

You can’t see it, but before them there was some people sweeping the roads and pouring milk on it. Probably symbolic in some way.

(A quick google talked about milk and purity)

IMG_3669Said guru


Part of the parade, paraders demanding the release of  Bhullar. He was involved in a  bombing at the Indian Youth Congress Office, in which 17 people were killed.

IMG_3682John C Liu, who’s running for mayor and according to the news involved in some fund raising scandal.

Anyhow’s I’m glad for the free food and entertaining parade!

April 25th – Project Grateful 365: Day 155 Harnessing positive energy

The weather was beautiful today, I walked 6 miles in total. I had taken 2 days of break from walking due to personal reasons and I was back in full force today. *pumps fist*

I walked a part of the high line park in glorious weather and attended a body language detection course for 3 hours at night. Interesting and informative but didn’t WOW me that much. A lot of it, is basically simple human psychology.

I was doing a little bit of thinking today. Every human being, rich or poor, tall or short, unfortunate or fortunate has both good and evil in his/her life. In the grand scheme of things everybody has their own struggles to deal with, u win some here and you lose some there. What’s important is to remember that everybody has their little struggles and not let it overwhelm you. Don’t look at the person beside you and think about how that person has it good, most of us never reveal our inner struggles. Instead look at your own struggle, toss it aside and focus on the good in your life instead.

Hardness positive thoughts, heighten your level of positive feelings and translate that to positive behavior!

Change your thoughts and you’ll be shocked at how much better you can feel about yourself and your life!

Project Grateful 365: Day 151, 152, 153


April 22 (Day 152)

We’re married for 2 whole months, surely something to be grateful about really! 😛 We also did a trip up north and here are some  beautiful country side views!

IMG_3547 IMG_3567 IMG_3569


April 23 (Day 153)

Today I’m very glad for the 4 day 3 night ‘staycation’ at my mother in law’s. She’s a great pamperer and so whenever we visit we get fussed and pampered. Coupled with the relaxing surroundings, it was quite a vacation. She’s also quite healthy conscious so we get healthy food! However, she also gets chocolate and potato chips and bagels cause she knows we like it! We also had apple sauce cake from scratch, pizzas and baked fish with gourmet fingerling potatoes. YUM YUM YUM!



My fish, beans and gourmet fingerling potatoes!



Home made pizza




Just to be clear. This is NOT my mother in law’s birthday cake.  (Inside joke)

April 24 (Day 154)

When Kris walked out of the door today, he said, ‘Goodbye, I’m going to enslave myself to corporate America.’ From time to time, he says funny things like this and makes me laugh. He’s actually quite funny in his own silly way. When he left he also said, have a nice relaxing day! What a sweet hubby! 🙂

On a side note, it has been 80 days since I’ve officially migrated here. Time flies! From time to time my heart aches a little from missing my super adorable nephew, family and friends but most of the time, I’m happy and content. 80 days seems so short and yet so long.

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.29.30 PM


The other day I caught myself referring to New York as home, I guess that means I have settled in pretty well.

Project Grateful 365: Lovely Lovely Spring

Day: 151

April 2013

I’ve had a back log recently, but only because the days have been so nice I have been walking so much. I did around 30 miles, and the weather is just perfect for roaming around. I’ve also had a few nice meals with friends, chatting laughing, window shopping so it has been a very good couple of days. My latest addiction is ‘The Good Wife.’ I stream it free from amazon prime, so that has been taking up quite a few of my nights too!

Spring and autumn have the best temperatures for exercise, cooling and windy. The greens pop out, flowers start blooming and everything seems perfect. So hopeful!

Bounce Bounce Bounce. Happy Spring Everyone!

Go out. Smell the flowers. Celebrate life!


Project Grateful 365: Day 150 – Bouncing around with 4 year olds

There is something very joyful about bouncing around with 4 year olds and singing wheels on the bus!

” The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round”


“The doors on the bus go open and close, open and close.”


“The children on the bus jump up and down, up and down”



I felt like a little kid! FULL of JOY and EXUBERANCE, without a care in the world.

Singing, laughing and giggling!