Project Grateful 365: Grateful for Affirmations

March 28th

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the 5 languages of love by Gary Chapman.

Words of Affirmation

Acts of Service

Receiving gifts

Quality time

Physical touch

I’m high on words of affirmation, so today I’m grateful that Kris tells me everyday that he loves me. Most days he also tells me how grateful he is: that I’m staying home, taking care of the house, cooking meals and doing whatever I do so (mostly fun things really, hee) that he can focus solely on work. I’m very lucky that he’s always very appreciative and doesn’t take me for granted. I think its very important in any relationship to affirm one another and not just assume that that person knows you’re grateful. I mean everybody likes to be praised and told thank you for their efforts! So remember to affirm your family members today!

Although one must note that, when a yummy breakfast of his choosing has been cooked there is a heightened excitement in his, ‘OH WOW, I LOVE MY WIFE, THAT LOOKS SO YUMMY.’


(FYI, looks so yummy refers to pancakes/omelettes, not the wife :P)

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