Project Grateful 365: Grateful for Sundays Walkity-walk-walks

Yesterday we walked from home to Times Square. The route we took was about 6-6.3miles.


On the way, we caught a movie ‘Olympus has fallen’. Considering the stellar cast, the movie was so predictable my grandma could have written in.

And at night we watched a series of 6 plays, 10 minutes each called nothing serious.

Both movie and play were okay, nothing spectacular unfortunately. But it was still a fun Sunday out, walking along the Hudson mostly before veering Eastwards towards Times Square.

After 2 days of walking over 11 miles. I’m exhausted and is now at home nursing an EPIC tummy ache.

However, I’m grateful that I have a tummy ache and need not battle the snow today (HELLO SPRING, Please stop hiding!) to go to work.

Being a house wife rocks in that sense.

YAY! Two grateful journals in 1 entry, walks and being a sick housewife.

Am going back to bed. Night world!

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