The Plight of the 21st Century

I’m not sure if I can be a housewife.

Actually I’m not sure if I can JUST be a housewife.

I oscillate from being at peace and serenity of being a glorified ‘tai-tai’ to an unsettling desire to want to achieve more in my life.

I mean I really like taking care of the house, making a hot meal at the end of the day for Kris, bringing lunch to his office like a cute lil delivery girl. I love the smile on his face and his happy little chubby cheeks when he tastes something that he likes. I cook 2/3 meals a day and the rest of the time, I get to read, go out, make friends, volunteer, travel, do whatever I want really!

2 generations ago, being a housewife was normal and dutiful fast forward to today; and being a housewife means

1) Your husband is rich (Not entirely true, wealth is relative especially when you’re living in NYC where all the super rich huddle together!)

2) You’re not contributing to society

3) You must be a silly housewife who knows nothing

4) Is that ALL you do?

5) The occasional look of envy (because they hate their jobs)

I feel a tinge of guilt for enjoying my housewife-hood. Very silly and unnecessary because it doesn’t matter what others think, it matters what I think and what my husband thinks.

To be really honest, its not what others think that matters. Its what I think that matters, if I feel that being a housewife is not enough for me. Then I just need to get into action when my employment pass arrives.

It would take a couple of months from now. Meanwhile I’m going to sit back, relax, do whatever I want, whenever I want and enjoy my life! I won’t lie, being a glorified housewife is SUPER BOOYA! 

Instead I should give thanks and thank all my lucky stars and the heavens and earth for giving me a year off to ENJOY MY LIFE!!!!!! 

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