Project Grateful 365: Day 128

I’m hitting a back log, so therefore this is going to be Day 128, instead of day 137. I think a honeymoon is a darn good excuse for a backlog. I will still complete Project 365, but it will take more than a year. Whatever goes!

March 19th

I’m grateful for the honeymoon we had from 13th – 18t March 2013. (I will elaborate on a later post).

After the trip with 5th different airports and multiple stops on some, I was happy to be home in my warm comfy apartment. It was a wonderful trip with my love, but today I was happily cleaning, scrubbing, washing, folding, grocery shopping and making yummy meals.

After this honeymoon, its time a slight tweak to our lifestyles. More cooking, less going out for meals!

Something exciting is happening (no NOT babies! You people with a OTM), and its time to make preparations for it.

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