Project Grateful 365: Grateful for introverts or should I say introvert?

The Power of Introverts

If you have 20 minutes today, you might want to watch this video about the power of Introverts. A very interesting insight to the mind of an introvert as well as: the defense of introverts, I suppose.


I’ve always suspected that I’m an introvert at heart; this clip makes me believe now that I’m a learnt extrovert. People always claim that I’m SO NOT INTROVERTED, possibly because I spent years fighting it off.


Kris on the other hand, is a real introvert. He doesn’t really want to hang out with other people. I think his colleagues/acquaintances think that his wife is very controlling; because he doesn’t go out much with them. BUT! That is far from the truth!!!


Whenever he has some social engagement that involves the both of us, he always tells me about it but secretly hopes I’m like NAH! Let’s not go! However, I’m always like lets go! Lets go! Then you see his face go ‘kwa kwa kwa’


Kris likes ALOT of time alone, to think, to ponder and to tinker. He doesn’t give a RATSASS about what people think of him, on whether he’s boring/unfun/uncool and just enjoys his solitude.  I enjoy my solitude too, just not in such massive quantities.


Another way introverts are different, is the way they show their affections. In that respect Kris is very much introverted. He has huge problems with public displays of affection, which means no public cuddling, no kisses and no (unfortunately) grand gestures of love/romance.


However, he shows his love through cards, through actions, through his soul. He factors our relationship in all his plans, he thinks of me in everything that he does, how I would react to it, how it might affect my life and my family.  All of which are not immediately recognizable/articulated verbally, but I know that all this goes through his thought process when he makes an important decision that might change his life. Knowing that he does that, trusting that he does that, makes all the difference in the world to me and makes me very secure in our relationship.


He’s always very thoughtful in his own little robotic little way. It is a very subtle and dependable kind of love, the one without flashing lights and ringing bells but this enveloping warm of steadfastness. It is very dependable, very deep seated and permeates through his soul. Its like you know that his entire being loves you with all his heart.


Its like being put on a pedestal with a tiara and I LOVE IT!


Heh Heh!


I’m very hard to love, so the above realization took me a long while to recognize.


I have no idea how this rant about love came about when I’m talking about introverts. I guess I’m trying to make a point that its very hard for introverts to show love, its even harder for the lover to feel loved. So if you’re in love with an introvert, remember to look beyond the surface!


However, (IMHO) this introverted love is the best kind of love, fireworks fade over time and flashing lights and bells tire the eyes and ears but the quiet comforting love? It will bring you through all the days of your life.



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