Project 365: Grateful for tagging along on a business trip!

Day 126

Bucket List Check! (√)

89: Follow your hubby to a business trip


Hee Hee

I know it sounds silly but sometimes I’ve seen wives follow their husbands to business trips and enjoy their time in the hotel! Relaxing, slacking, doing their nails, swimming, reading blah blah and wonderful how it feels.

Well now I’m the follow-bot

*follow follow*

Andddddd, it feels like back home I guess. (Since I’m a housewife now and have plenty of time to relax)

But its nicer because:

1) There is a HUGE TV

2) Huge King size bed

3) Luxury Sheets + A headboard (Our apartment’s bedroom is so small, we can’t put in a headboard)

4) Pool downstairs, whee whee whee!

5) Room Service! is just like room service, so I’m striking this out

5) I don’t have to clean up (that much) in a hotel!


Hee Hee. Follow my husband. I like how that sounds.


(ERMERHGERRRRRRRD, I’m turning into one of those woman whose entire lives revolve around their husbands! HAH! That will NEVER happen, but since it hasn’t been a month past my marriage, I shall indulge Kris for a while. HEH!)

Married life rocks! Mostly because Kris is very easy going, low expectation of cleanliness, [He defends himself by saying that I have crazy high standards of cleanliness, my retort is that I have become significantly more dirty since I’ve met him! I now (sometimes) put my bag on the floor!!!!]

Kris also eats everything I cook. (except for bananas, mayo, sour creme, yoghurt, shrimp, most fish) Even when its not that nice, he eats it and says, “that’s not too bad, thank you for dinner.”When its good/excellent he WOLFs everything down and rubs his pugginess, so I know what to cook more and what not to cook.

I hace discovered the goodness of American tact, it is always polite to a fault, even at home. At first I was not used to it, I’m like if its not good TELLL MEEEE! But he’s always too polite to do so. So now I’ve learn to read subtle signs. Is he chewing? If he’s chewing, its NOT GOOD!!! heh heh

I think Asians are more direct and will go, ‘Maaa the chicken is too dry/oily/over-cooked, as a matter of fact kind of way.’

Singaporeans are more in your face. I’m very Singaporean in that aspect and its so hard to moderate that when I’m socializing. I don’t really like changing myself to please others, but I guess when you go to a new country, one must try to integrate. There are more important values I hold, that I will not compromise, but being ‘in-your-face’ more is something I’m willing to let go.

PLUS! I really like the politeness so I figure, its time to reciprocate.




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