Project Grateful 365: Day 123-125

March 8

Made it out today! Went to see some friends from Singapore. Felt really good, till I went home and did the Merlion. 🙁 I’m grateful to meet some people from home, feels very nice for some reason.

March 9

Made it out today again! Meet some friends for  my favorite blue ribbon sushi and went home and did the Merlion both ways 🙁 Kris’s friend R, is a sushi snob and will go no place else except blue ribbon. I guess that is what happens when you got too much money 😛

March 10.

Atlanta Georgia

seems like a different country altogether really. I was warned by those guys in NYC that Kris’s office is in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. I was skeptical before, but now I’m eating ALL the humble pie in the world.

Nonetheless, its still a 4*ish hotel. There’s a gym, huge TV, internet and pool. If the Merlion in me stops roaring, maybe I’ll manage a dip in the pool. Or maybe take the Ghetto MARTA (not my choice of words, I had been warned!) to the Georgia Aquarium somewhere in downtown Atlanta for some BELUGA and dolphin fun! Maybe Tuesday, we’ll see.

The plane ride here was somewhat eventful because it was a smaller plane (compared to the A380s I’m used too), with only 17 rows. Landed against gusty winds and I was not very happy. I hope the other planes I’m taking to Miami and STT in a few days will be bigger, fat chance really. One can still hope.

Anyways, I foresee a very restful few days. Hope the pool is clean!



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