Project Grateful 365: SSN application, MOPEY days and Columbia Teachers College

Day 114, 27th Feb: HAPPY THAT THE SSN was easy peasy!


Today I am grateful that the application for the SSN went super smoothly. After I enter the USA with my K1 visa, I need to bring that visa into the office and apply for a Social Security Number. Unlike the K1 visa which took ~200 years, the SSN application was super easy peasy. I went in and out of the office within 20 minutes and the peeps were friendly and relaxed. SO AWESOME to deal with a pleasant and happy-to-be-at-work government officer/clerk! We even chatted about her Chinese bamboo plant!

In case you’re living in Manhattan! CLICK here for more information about applying for your SSN!


Day 115, 28th Feb: Grateful for an insightful talk about my future goals!

columbia TC

I went for a graduate talk in Columbia’s teacher’s college and was quite happy with the courses they offered. Compared to CUNY’s open house, they were way more welcoming/organized/efficient and had more/better programs. Well Columbia is better endowed than CUNY, so its not surprising I guess.

I love being in class, I love interacting with children and little ones. I like the influence and difference I can make as an educator right in the class room. But I also know that policy/educational leadership/curriculum planning can help me further the things I want to push through in the education system. Those would help aid me in furthering my dreams of opening a play school!

I love being in the classroom but I’m also interested in educational psychology and school counselling. I find the gifted education system appealing and the special needs program rewarding.


Happy problems nonetheless, better to be presented with an array of choices than to be STUCK with one, I dare say!



Frown upside down

Today started out mehhhh. I suddenly missed home (family, esp that little cutie pie of mine and my friends lots). Bouts of homesickness hits me from time to time, but its normal of a new immigrant.

I try not to dwell on it and be grateful of the opportunities I have in this city instead. I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot be happy as a lark everyday, but I will NOT allow my self to wallow in self pity, just because.

I have it pretty good (all things considered) and I must be thankful for that and focus on the HAPPYs and the GOODs! *determined face* So I got quite a bit done, I booked 2 hotels in the Virgin Islands, found out about Driver’s licensing in the city, a cheap and good driving school, went to IKEA to get household related items and is currently preparing to make PAD THAI for dinner!

**edit of Pad Thai. Its GOOD!!!!


Pad Thai goodness! Vegetarian!



Fried Tofu, a lot of oil, but not all that bad after I filtered it out!

YAY!!!!!!! ME for turning a moppy day into an effective one. As my hubby says, ‘Turn that frown UPSIDE down’! Since its Friday night, we’re going for a walk and maybe a movie tonight! WHEEEEEE. I want to go for HAPPY HOUR, but Kris finishes work late and its not as if I can DRINK anyways. I think BARS need to have a happy ice cream hour!

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