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Project Grateful 365: Grateful for an accomplished Friday!

I had a nice walk with E and Charlie Bear today, and oh boy that little bear has grown so big and cute. All that  waving excitedly, (sometimes with both hands too), lovely adorable cackling smiles and happy little-baby-trying-to-talk noises. He’s such a delicious little muffin!

He loves to wave, smiled (almost) non stop at me for 4 miles and kept making all these cute lil noises. There is something about him that makes me feel so happy every time I spend time with him. He’s just so happy, peaceful and calm. He’s no longer a baby but a (really adorable) bubbling little toddler.

I think he’s so happy all the time because his parents are so much in love with each other and lovely him so dearly. They have such a happy and loving little family, that I think Charlie GLOWS with that love.  He’s so trusting with his huge baby eyes and so happy to be bouncing and dishing out smiles to everyone! E is the kind of mother (very hands on, protective but not overly) I want to be, when I have a child myself. She’s so chill and relaxed with him, adores him completely but yet doesn’t stifle him by being too afraid to let him just be a kid.

Oh I’m also happy today for my successful bread making.


My little bread rolls


Spinach and ricotta cheese rolls that BURST!


My version of a calzone (With Pepperoni and Mozzarella inside!)

IMG_3041Alsoooooo my tulips bloomed today too.


Project Grateful 365: Grateful for Affirmations

March 28th

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the 5 languages of love by Gary Chapman.

Words of Affirmation

Acts of Service

Receiving gifts

Quality time

Physical touch

I’m high on words of affirmation, so today I’m grateful that Kris tells me everyday that he loves me. Most days he also tells me how grateful he is: that I’m staying home, taking care of the house, cooking meals and doing whatever I do so (mostly fun things really, hee) that he can focus solely on work. I’m very lucky that he’s always very appreciative and doesn’t take me for granted. I think its very important in any relationship to affirm one another and not just assume that that person knows you’re grateful. I mean everybody likes to be praised and told thank you for their efforts! So remember to affirm your family members today!

Although one must note that, when a yummy breakfast of his choosing has been cooked there is a heightened excitement in his, ‘OH WOW, I LOVE MY WIFE, THAT LOOKS SO YUMMY.’


(FYI, looks so yummy refers to pancakes/omelettes, not the wife :P)

Project Grateful 365: Grateful for a potluck party

Day 133

March 27th, 2013

I went over to NJ (Jersey City for the first time on the PATH) yesterday. YAY to new adventures #cheap thrill

I’ve come to know a group of amazing ladies from all over the world, mostly new immigrants to America and also a few woman who have moved from other parts of the United States. Everybody has a different story to tell, diverse backgrounds, a wonderful and genuine group of ladies. I make friends based on my gut feel, (so far it has served me well) and I’m very comfortable with these group of people so thats wonderful 🙂

IMG_2937Vegetarian goodies!


View of Manhattan (FIDI) from Exchange Place, New Jersey


View of Exchange Place (New Jersey), from Exchange Place(New York)


Project Grateful 365: Grateful for a wonderful hubby

Day 132

Today I’m grateful for my kind, loving, patient and very mature hubby! We might squabble and argue a lot about silly things (like marketing logos this morning) but I love him very much. Even when he’s wrong! Wahahahahaa! I need to learn patience from him, because he’s quite a handful! I cultivate his patience too, from time to time. 🙂

I love being his wife, because he has no expectations of my role as a housewife housewife. Which ironically makes me want to execute my oh-so-important-job with great fortitude! Its very interesting, (‘The American Way’ – as I call it) you leave the responsibility/ownership/decision making power to someone else, and he or she might inevitably rise about your expectations.

He called me CCO the other day, which I thought was Chief Cleanliness Officer, but turns out to be Chief Cuteness Officer. YAY! 100 brownie points to my BOT!

He’s very cute yesterday, this is him doing his taxes!


His posture is terrible, but I shall not nag. I shall let his mummy see this and let her nag instead!

Since I have not been talking about how much I love my nephew lately, here’s some  pictures of him!

IMG_2919 IMG_2923


He’s growing like a champion! I love him and miss him very much, can’t wait to cuddle him. I suspect the next time I cuddle him, he’ll be walking and talking. Hopefully he would have learnt to say YIYI!



Project Grateful 365: Grateful for Sundays Walkity-walk-walks

Yesterday we walked from home to Times Square. The route we took was about 6-6.3miles.


On the way, we caught a movie ‘Olympus has fallen’. Considering the stellar cast, the movie was so predictable my grandma could have written in.

And at night we watched a series of 6 plays, 10 minutes each called nothing serious.

Both movie and play were okay, nothing spectacular unfortunately. But it was still a fun Sunday out, walking along the Hudson mostly before veering Eastwards towards Times Square.

After 2 days of walking over 11 miles. I’m exhausted and is now at home nursing an EPIC tummy ache.

However, I’m grateful that I have a tummy ache and need not battle the snow today (HELLO SPRING, Please stop hiding!) to go to work.

Being a house wife rocks in that sense.

YAY! Two grateful journals in 1 entry, walks and being a sick housewife.

Am going back to bed. Night world!