Project Grateful 365: Grateful for marrying the love of my life


22nd Feb, 2013

Grateful for marrying the love of my life

A long time coming, we have had to wait almost an entire year before we’re going to sign on this dotted line!

It’s going to be a solemn quiet affair, just us and his parents. No big poofy wedding dress, no huge banquet hall with 1000 guests nor huge extravagant ding-dongs. It’s going to be private, exhilarating and the happiest day of both of our lives.


MY ODE to Kris

Kristopher Beevers is the love of my life

He’s kind, funny (to me only,HA!) , extremely intelligent and more importantly one of the most genuine persons; I’ve come to know in my life.

He’s my soul mate, my lover and best friend.

He makes me a better person, without being judgmental or overly harsh.

He makes decisions together with me, filled with patience, respect and fortitude. (sometimes he tries to be all control freak about it, but AHA! He has met his match, I’m equally control freaked!)

So therefore collectively as a couple we learnt tolerance, patience and graciousness. 🙂

He’s my partner in life, a person I trust with all my heart and love with all my soul.

I’ll carry your heart gently in my hands for the rest of our collective lives together, just as you would carry my heart (and sometimes my bag) for the rest of our lives!

Happy marriage to us MY LOVE! 


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