Project Grateful 365: Grateful for not having to plan a complicated wedding!

Day 108



So last night, over Mexican food, Kris and myself wrote our vows together. (Actually we modified the traditional ones) It is very simple and meaningful but most importantly we drafted it without much difference in opinions. YAY US! 

We practiced our kiss this morning and NOW!!!!!!!!! We’re all ready to get married tomorrow!

THE KISS (heh!) is going to be something chaste and simple, but sweet and adorable, like US! 

Kris’s parents (well soon to be MINE too!) are coming this evening and 4 of us are going to troop to city hall tomorrow to get legally married!

A little bummed that my own folks can’t attend, but such is the reality of a international marriage/visa restrictions. However, I did have a traditional chinese tea ceremony and little party for them, so that’s the best I can do really. Hopefully my best is enough for them! 🙂

I’m sure it is! :)))))

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