Project Grateful 365: Grateful for happy hour oysters ($1US) and the New York Public Library at Byrant Park

Day 106

19th Feb 2013

Today I am grateful for HH oysters. Super fresh and super yums! Met some nice people too, various walks of life, got along pretty well, shall join them on their next hike out! One of them even runs a non-profit and another was a pyscho-analyst for young children. Both in fields I’m interested in. Also meet another lady who’s a nurse and we hit along pretty well. Guess my project make new friends in the city is going pretty okay. I’ve been described as approachable, bubbly and friendly, not traits I really associate with me naturally really. I have to try and be those states, my natural self (IMHO) is pensive, cynical, and overly harsh on myself. But maybe, just maybe I’m actually quite friendly. 😛


IMG_2017Fresh East Coast Osters

IMG_2010Mega Library and Citipond Ice Rink! Loved the library, very old school!


Made dinner for the BOT before I left for HH, but he went for a ‘business meeting’ drinking (and got drunk! Not majorly but drunk enough to laugh very happily when I asked him to walk a straight line while denying that he was drunk!). So I came home before him and ate his bacon! HEE HEE HEE!

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