Project Grateful 365: Grateful for an AWESOME weekend

Day 104

Grateful for an awesome weekend!

I had an awesome weekend with the BOT, we

1) Did the touristy thing and walked from Union Square to Times square and  and by chance a nice burger joint we loved 🙂

2) then after, we walked from Times Square to Lincoln centre to watch ‘Luck of the Irish’


3) The next day we watched the annual 2013 Chinese New Year Parade at Chinatown

4) Had awesome Peking duck with a group of friends I’ve made in New York. [Technically they live in NJ, but they are really just across the river from me 🙂 ]

5) Went grocery shopping with Mr Muscles (Awesome for me, less so for him)

6) Watched ‘A good day to Die Hard’ (Kris loves the explosions while I like the very suave Bruce Wills)

So all around GOOD WEEKEND. I’m all ready for the new week.


1) Study for GRE

2) Exercise

3) Apply for social security card

4) Plan activities for when my parents in law are in town

5) Get married

6) Household chores (Boo)

7) Attend a writers meetup group

8) Meet friends for Malaysian week at Bryant Park

9) Read books

10) EXERCISE EXERCICE EXERCISE! ( I’m repeating point 2, but I’m trying to make a point here!)

11) Attend a yoga class

Oh, a week in the life of a busy housewife!

Oh while I’m blogging on a sunday night, this is what he’s doing, haha!

EYE MASSAGE! His 5th Vday present from me!


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