Project Grateful 365: Grateful for Inner Happiness

Day 103

When I was poor(er) in my schooling days and could not afford the things that my peers could. I always scoffed when someone said, ‘Money cannot buy happiness.’ I’ve always thought, well easy for you to say, because the moment you got into university, your dad bought you a car, paid for your tuition and you aren’t photocopying away/inhaling toner flumes in the library because you cannot afford the 100 dollar text book.

(Now I realize that they were just telling me that they were NOT happy despite having so much, which is unfortunate really.)

Then I got a job as a teacher, which by Singapore standards doesn’t pay much but I realized by US Public School standards pays a lot (especially when you factor in US taxes). I wasn’t happier then I was before either, but I had more money now, wasn’t I supposed to be happier? I could more easily afford the things I couldn’t before, so what was the problem?

I pondered and pondered.

Then I quit my job which means now, I have way less disposable income. Because I’m not working, I have to think twice about my purchases, every time I want to fly home I have to think about what I could be doing with that money, but I’m happier than I’ve ever been.  Having a wonderful fiancee is a contributing factor of course.

However, I think time to think about what I want from my life and learning to be content with what I have, in the HERE and NOW has truly made me a happier person inside.

With this inner happiness comes with a quiet confidence that I’ll be able to achieve what I want in due course. Even if it isn’t what society deems as successful, even if it means not making a ton of money, even if it means I’m a late bloomer in the achievement ladder.

I have hope, inner peace and confidence that in due time my ambitions will be fuilfiled and honestly even if it doesn’t, I’ve learnt the art to be happy whenever, and where ever.

That my friends, is what I am most grateful about.

Happiness from within.


LNC key to happiness

** I guess one can argue that its easy for me to talk, because Kris is successful and financially stable so therefore by association I’m relatively well off. Well I guess, I’m not a parasite and the therefore my ‘host’s’ success is not a direct correlation to my success or happiness. Just sayin‘. And if you think your success/happiness can be tied to someone else’s success, then the image above is really for you. 🙂



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