Project Grateful 365: Grateful for getting a marriage license in a pretty short time!

So in NYC before you can get officially married, you would need to apply for a marriage license, wait 24hours before you can go into city hall and get someone to officiate the marriage.

Then, BAM! You’re married! So roughly takes 2 days for a legal union to happen in this city.

Well I think in total today we waited for about 1.1.5 hours and we were out of there, license to get married document in hand. 🙂

The big day is 22/2/2013. 

We’re both very eggcited! Actually it really is NOT just me being eggcited!, because just as we were coming out of the NYC City clerk office at 141 Worth street, Kris whispered into my ear, ‘I’m very excited.’ I looked at him surprised and he said, ‘Its a very very important day of my life.’

🙂 That made me smile.

If you know Kris, he has 3 range of emotions and that was a pretty strong one. He never gets excited, well very very rarely.

A good thing I suppose 🙂

Website for the NYC city clerk’s office for marriage can be found HERE

Good luck to all you love birds, hopefully you didn’t have to wait since Feb 2012 to get married like me!

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