Project Grateful 365: Grateful for a busy day

Day 100!!!!

I love being busy, I love days when I have activities filled to the brim and can look forward to them!

Today I baked sugar cookies in the morning, my virgin attempt and they taste okay, not as fantastic as the ones Kris’s mum and sis makes, BUT! they have years of practice  My cookies turned out a little fatter than I wanted and slightly toooooooooo brown at the base. Not burnt tho, just toooooo brown! I like my sugar cookies all white!

IMG_1868 IMG_1869


K.B. It stands not for Kristopher Beevers, but for King Beevers. Because he acts like the king in his own home. I’m the humble servant! Haha!


Later in the afternoon, I have a facial! Scrub-a-dub-dub!

Then I’m meeting a friend, who’s interested in becoming a teacher in NYC. Like me, she moved here because her husband got a job in the city.

Then I’m going to a writer’s meetup. I’ve always wanted to write better, not sure what to expect, but hopefully I’ll meet some nice people!

Yesterday was pretty eventually actually. I went to ‘study’ in the library. Read some books on early childhood edcuation and applied for a library card.



I had a healthy late lunch but then ruined it off with the yummiest meringue frosting, vanilla cupcake. OH ME OH MY!

Twas’ good!

IMG_1860 IMG_1856


Then I came home, to a wonderful sunset and made dinner for the boy, with HAPPY in my heart and belly!




After dinner we went for a nice long walk, from our place to W Houston street and back. I love walks with my bot, his hand in mine, trooping along aside by side!

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