Project Grateful 365: Day 96: Grateful for steak and power!

Grateful for steak and power!

So yesterday was the last day of restaurant week and the day in which Winter Storm Nemo hit New York City. However, it didn’t hit us as bad. I mean nothing comparable to Hurricane Sandy, not that it was supposed to anyways.

Winds were projected to get as high as 70kph and 10-12inches of snow. At 3am last night, I felt the building wobble a little, but nothing too scary. I was just praying that power wouldn’t go out, and it DIDN’T! Very happy about that I say!

To top it off, we had a super yummy dinner around our block. About 3 blocks away, lies this restaurant called Capital Grille. Its a very old money kind of place, fancy, pretty upscale and a normally a place where rich people go for business lunches/dinners or maybe fancy dates. Steaks alone go for around 45 usd and you have to pay another 10-12usd for a side of spinach and mashed potatoes. So basically not a place you go often, unless you’re a Wall Street trader/investment banker.

Anyways, restaurant week means food was affordable for minons like us. We enjoyed ourselves with


Yummy assortment of bread


Caesar Salad


Clam Chowder


Bone in Kona crusted dry aged sirloin with shallot butter



Parmesan and herb marinated Tournedos


Mashed potatoes


Creme Brulee (Not my thing but Kris polished off the entire bowl)


Home made Ice cream

Dinner was really great. We couldn’t finish the food so we brought home some steaks and mashed potatoes. Couldn’t bring home the ice cream, boo hoo. Not that I tried. I’m not that cheap!

As I type, I’m preparing a cheese fondue (from the about to be expired cheese from Christmas), to be dipped with left over steak (YUMS) and raw vegetables. A decadent weekend, but its Chinese New Year weekend and I’m playing ALL my Chinese cards.


Happy Chinese New Year Guys.

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