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Monday Jan 4th

Grateful that I reached NYC safely with Kris!

I have a weird compulsion of the need to IMMEDIATELY UNPACK and put away everything nicely. Hence after more than 24 hours on air, I decided that I really needed to spent 3.5 hours packing. before I could take a nap.

So pack away I did. I even started out with my mission to cutify/decorate/increase my chinese presence in this house. Funny how ‘ang moh’ things used to appeal to me more, but not that I’m in ‘Ang Moh territory. I decided that meh, I needed things cute (very very Asian thing I realised) and also a need to affilate myself to my Asian cultural roots. (Haha, I’m kidding la!)

Anyways here are some pictorial evidence!

Beary cute rug!


Lovely teapot/kettle! (Already used it to make some warm tea, its -4 deg now or rather known as 25 deg F here! Some day imperial system, you and I will be best friends)


2013 according to the lunar calendar is year of the Cutie Snakes! My sis is a snake, and apparently snakes eat pigs. No wonder she always lords after me! Haha

In front of the cats are my 2 Japanese cats from Tokyo that I acquired in 2012. Mad love that country. I believe they signify knowledge/career? and abundant prosperity? I just liked the colour. HAHA


Chinese fortune cats, Kris loves this for some reason


Our Bangkok loot, Thailand is our favourite SEAsian country outside of Singapore. So we thought we’ll bring a little of it back home from our trip in Jan 2013!

Cartoon elephants VS Relaxed smoking a pipe and fishing elephant


Chinese symbol for blessing for our wedding!

Also 2 polaroids from Kris’s surprise that I planned on the plane. Best fiancee/wife ever! Self declared but Kris agrees. (He has no choice now! :P)


My mini collection of fluffy-ies and token hello kitty items!


Replica of an old Thailand map (formerly known as Siam), do you know that Thailand is the only country in SEA that wasn’t colonised? Way to go!

Kris likes maps and I love old maps, so we married the concept.


So there you have it, 3.5 hours of packing later I decided to also re-decorate our apartment.


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