Project Grateful 365: Grateful for LIFE in General! Day 90

The day has come! After 11 months of excruciating wait, the DAY HAS ARRIVED! Me and my MACRO ball of cuteness are officially MIGRATING TO THE US of A!!!!!!!!!!!

11 months of travelling back and forth and putting my life on hold has NOW OFFICIALLY ENDED! I CANNOT EVEN PUT INTO WORDS HOW HAPPY AND RELIEVED WE BOTH ARE.

At the 5 month mark, I was DONE with the waiting because we were told it was going to take 5 months.  (We were told by our money grubbing and incompetent lawyer.) To add salt to injury the paperwork was further delayed another 2 months because she was not very good at her job and did not file the necessary paperwork. I could go into a major rant about her, but I’ve decided its time to finally LET IT GO. Good things have came out of the longer wait.

IceIceBaby is only a baby once in his life and I have shared a special 5-6 months of precious baby time with him. I am now confident that when I’m/We’re ready, I will make an excellent mother. I’m not being boastful but before that I was kind of skeptical about my ability to be a mother.  Now I think I will be a relatively good one. I love Isaiah now like he’s my own child and I cannot imagine how I’m going to love another baby as much as I do to him.

I am told when it’s your own child you will love him/her more, therefore armed with this pre-existing knowledge that I could possibly love another child MORE than Isaiah, I know I can be a good mum. Taking care of him is hard work, but I think caring for a lil bub is managable for me, tough but manageable. Plus kids bring so much joy to my life that I feel, it will all be worth it. I love their pure JOY and INNOCENCE.

Thru baby ICE, I’m even more confident that I want to pursue a masters/post grad-certificate in EARLY childhood education to complement my existing post grad certificate in Education. I think teaching brings meaning to my life and I’m told that I’m pretty decent at it. So when I go back home, I’m going to take active steps to pursue that dream. Someday I might own a play school. I already have chosen names for that school. If I set it up, I’ll share it.  In my head, I have a rough direction/motto/vision of this play school of mind and I’m going to make it happen within the next 5-7 years, depending on financials. In the meantime, while waiting for the green card, I am going to be a nanny/intern at a play school.

When I get home, I want to get a driver’s license, do my GRE’s, apply for internships, work part time, be a better cook, complete online courses from COURSERA, make more friends, hang out with existing ones, volunteer with a kid’s programme, go for more musicals/museums/walks in the park/up my cultural quotient and eat healthily and plan an exercise regime!


I’m so grateful for my family/friends.  They have been very supportive throughout these difficult months. It’s hard leaving them, but I know that I/We would not be happy staying in Singapore. Not because we hate it, but we both need to get out of here for a while at least. We love NYC and everything that comes along with it. Our dreams are to travel/work in different countries/places and we’re happy that our/his work has brought us to NYC. There’s a certain charm about the craziness of the city, a city like no other. Then again, you can say it of every city in the world, because no city is the same. So despite the difficulty, I want to be grateful instead for the opportunity to realize how important my family is to me and how important good friends are in my life. My sister’s family especially has been so kind to us that words cannot express how grateful we are to Martinus, Iris and Baby ICE!

For that I’m grateful/thankful/very blessed.

I hope that all of them will be extra happy and blessed in 2013.


SEE YOU readers again when I reach NYC!

I’m going to do a blog post comparing SQ and EMIRATES A380 Business Class tickets.

Maybe this time, I’m going to do a VIDEO!


**Guest Blog Post from Kris**

Hello!  We are finally going home together and will no longer have to be subjected to the arbitrary whims of US Visa law.  Over the last year we’ve been back and forth between Singapore and NYC a collective 10 times or so — lots of flying!  But throughout it all we’ve been lucky to have the support and encouragement of our family and friends.  Here in Singapore, Iris, Martinus, Sharon, Charlene’s mother and father, and of course little Isaiah have taken great care of Charlene and I for many months of the year.  And in the US, my family has welcomed Charlene with open arms.  Thank you everyone!  We are very grateful for your love and support!  As we enter the next phase of our lives, “officially” together in NYC at last, we will certainly remember everyone’s kindness and all of the lessons we’ve learned in patience and perseverance over the last year.

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