Project Grateful 365: Grateful for milk! Day 89

Why grateful for milk you say?


This seemingly normal packet of milk makes me very grateful every time I open the fridge because it represents my sister’s unconditional love for me. She prefers a different milk brand but every time I’m around she makes the switch because she knows, I dont like what she likes.

So today I’m very grateful for the love showered upon me by my sis, her hubby and her son. I’m such a lucky YIYI! Did I forget to mention how cute my nephew is?


Today I showered him and he’s such a big boy now. He ABSOLUTELY refuses to sit on the tub and will stand up right with his 2 strong legs! When I try to make him sit, he will clench up his lil butt and legs so that he maintains an upright position. SO CUTEEEEEEE!!!

He’s going for his 5 months jab as we speak, late due to his recent bout of sickness



(I copped out mainly because I have an ear infection, BOO! but I think it feels better than yesterday so I’m optimistic it will mostly go away by Sunday! I think the real reason why I COPPED out is because it breaks my heart to see him winch in pain! BOO HOO HOO MY POOR DARLING!!!!!!!!!!)

My flight is at 9pm on Sunday and I have not packed. only packed 1.5 suitcase, We have 7 bags/suitcases in total. I hope the taxi can fit.

We’ll see.


*thumps chest proudly*

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