Project Grateful 365: Day 88

Grateful that I made it to the Doctor in the nick of time!

After the feasting in the last couple of weeks, I thought I should exercise and attempted to go swimming. Well I did, but along with it came with a painful ear infection because quite a bit of water got into my ear when I was trying to execute a world record in freestyle! stay afloat in the water. heh.

Anyhow it started to hurt last night and I was trying to pretend it didn’t exist. (Law of attraction should apply to bad things to, no?) But by mid afternoon, it hurt till my head hurt and my throat was hurting, so I made the call to go to the GP. I made it there in the nick of time, 10 minutes to closing actually the shutters were down and I had to enter via the back door.

She gave me some antibiotics because I was flying on Sunday and some ear drops that has worked a little miracle. The sharp piercing pain is no longer there! PHEWWWWW. It still aches, but no longer I-want-to-chop-off-my-ears-kinda-pain. 3 meds and consultation for 50 bucks [without insurance],  Singapore healthcare rocks compared to NYC. In bangkok it will probably cost me 20 bucks even with imported meds. (My GP gave me stronger imported meds, hence the higher price). Usually an average Doctor’s visit for me in Singapore is around 35 bucks. (w/o antibiotics usually).

[all in SGD]

My sister took half day off to bring boi boi out with me, but I had to be a party pooper and left straight after lunch. But not before taking these cute shots.


Me and Mr-why-so-hot in front of Universal Studio Singapore


Post Milk Coma


Straining his neck to watch Kakak Wati make his milk. Obviously very hungry, but a big boi now so he doesn’t have has less temper tantrums.



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