More education apparently does not broaden the minds of all

I was having a ‘discussion’ with a friend the other day.

These are a few comments he made, (and I quote FULLY)

1. “There are just too many ‘XXX race’, they fundamentally irritated me.”

2. “Hitler was evil? I think he is fine…”

3. (wrf to LKY) “different treatment but both as evil.”

4. (I commented that great was not the word I would use on Hitler wrt to mass murder and brutal ways in which he exterminated people) and he said, “Then the Jewish media has won its influence over me [Charbot].”


The last statement took the cake. I think this is where majoring in history reading/having knowlege about history having a brain comes in play. For someone who went to Germany to study for a semester or maybe 2, I wonder what he has learnt there. To my knowledge, Germans are deeply apologetic about the holocaust and have tried to alienate themselves from the Nazi/Fascist regime. (I’m not entirely sure about about the latter)

I’m annoyed enough to blog about this because, racism is something I hold very close to my heart. As a majority race in Singapore, I think its even more important that we make it explicit in our daily actions/have national policies that are conscious and mindful of the other races. I think racial harmony/social harmony of any sort is crucial to a society and having people like this (who make thoughtless and racially insulting remarks) in our country is disgraceful/unwarranted and he should consider migrating/digging a hole and living there, for the betterment of Singapore. Although the nationality he was disparaging against, has such a global influence that I don’t think he can ever avoid them.

Every race/nationality has its own unique/annoying habits to another race/nationality, but to say that an ENTIRE nation of people has irritated you by default of where they are born/how they are brought up is just uncalled for. I mean what do you hope to achieve with such a callous comment? If you feel upset at our immigration policies, do something constructive, stop whining!

If you hate the government, try and effect change or migrate somewhere else! Stop whining.

Whining and not doing anything just pisses me off. If you can’t do anything/don’t want to do anything, SUCK it up!

**okie its more about nationality than racism per se, but I’m not sure what extreme biasness towards another country is called. So lets just use racism, because its somewhat the same concept.

As for the comment towards Hitler  I am shocked appalled and DISGUSTED!!!!!!!!!!  If a mass genocide of 6 million people to achieve political aims/power/fulfill psychopathic tendencies is not appalling enough, then I really don’t know what is.

In my rage I shared this with Kris and he said, the next time you see him, tell him this:

‘Why is your eye level at my boob? You fundamentally annoy me. Or why do you keep standing on your toes to see something? Its fundamentally annoying.’ [Coz the guy who made the comment is really short]


(And he dares insinuate that I am the passive aggressive one!)

I disagree that I am passive aggressive.

I think I just have an aggressive personality, period.

 I am passionate about the things I believe in and perhaps a little too self righteous. But hey! at least I stand up for the things I believe in. I refuse to let people walk over me and I will fight for the things I feel strongly enough about.

I’m ALSO turning 30 and fabulous, therefore I will not take CRAP from anyone!

30 and fabulous, it sounds awesome! Whenever someone asks me how old I am, I’m going to say, ’30 and fabulous!!!!!’

okie, I digress.

I always first start treating EVERYONE I meet with courtesy and respect but I will give back equally shitty treatment if you treat me like an ass.

I’m not like Kris who will keep quiet and just shrug it off. Its a good skill tho, I might want to master that some day. My brother in law is also like that, he’s a very devout Catholic and one of the most ZEN people I know.

Maybe someday, I won’t even blog posts like this, because I will be like the 2 of them. ZEN to the core and totally not affected whatsoever but stupid/annoying people.

However, there are also core values that are fundamental to me, and racism/genocide/gun control is something I hold dearly to my heart.

So this is my blog, and I will RANT all I want!


(If you dont like my thoughts, slap yourself for bothering to read till the end!)


There you go, ‘PIAK PIAK PIAK’

On a cheerier note, early CNY luncheon with BOI BOI and family. Did I mention he’s the cutest thing that has ever lived? I woke up at 7am today to play with him, and I got a “KAR KAR KAR” laugh from him. He mostly reserves his ‘KAR KAR KAR’ laughter for his Dad, so I am rather pleased this morning!


Isaiah expressing displeasure towards the topic of this blog entry!



This picture sums up how I feel about the the person I was talking to.

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