Project Grateful 365: Day 77

23rd Jan 2013

Grateful that I PASSED MY K1 VISA INTERVIEW in the Singapore-US consulate!!!!!

Oh my tian! Finally after like 11 months, I was finally granted the VISA interview in the US Consulate in Singapore. I went to the waiting room with Kris, and came face to face with a sea of people all waiting for their VISAs.


Kris was like, “Oh god, We’re going to be here forever!”

I was like, “We have waited for almost a year, what’s a couple of hours more?”

(hee hee)


I am so ZEN now, I amaze myself.


Anyways, we waited for about 1.5 hours which was much better than we expected. Turns out, I was actually 2nd in line, because there was a separate queue for immigrant VISAs.


The interview was rather anti-climatic, the interviewer looked at the stack of evidences I submitted to USCIS (USCIS then forwarded it to the Singapore US consulate) and was basically like, ‘I don’t need anymore evidences, this is one of the thickest stack I have ever seen. All he wanted was my BC, Passport, Passport photos, I-134s, DS156 and DS156K forms

#KIASU-ism WIN!!!!!

I had another whole ring file which We Kris actually took a whole weekend to compile (I offered to help, but he’s very anal about organization and declined).

I tried offering the file to the officer a 2nd time, but he declined and smiled saying, ‘Its definitely a genuine relationship, I don’t need more evidences, you should get your VISA in a week by our pre-assigned courier.’


I was like, ‘This is all? I’ll get my VISA in a week from now? YAYYYYYYYY, Have a nice day!!!!!! I BEAMMMMMMMM-ed very happily at him too!

The 2nd interviewer was nice, so I was pleased. I was not very happy that the interview was conducted in front of a huge room where everyone else was waiting, it meant that everyone could hear HIS questions and MY answers. #privacy-where-huh? But oh well, as long as we got our application approved!!!!

The 1st interviewer on the other hand, was very business like. After the 1st round, Kris asked me, ‘How was it.’

My reply was, ‘He’s like the male version of me.’

Kris: ‘HUH?’

Me: He’s very snippy, I tried asking a question and he was like so short/curt with me!

Kris: (laughing) Well at least you’re aware of that!

Me: -__-

Me: He was annoying la!!!! He looked at the passport photos I submitted and looked backed at the one I submitted last year where I had long hair. So to pre-empt his question, I said, ‘Oh, I cut my hair.’ and he went like, ‘You mean you cut your OWN hair.’




Me: Basically, he was short and snippy the entire time la and I had to smile sweetly and bite back all my snide remarks.

Kris: (just continues laughing)


So that concludes my Interview!




In any case, the BOTS ARE MEGA PLEASED!

I can go back home in about a week (crosses fingers) and start the other half of my Green Card process and maybe after 6-8months, I can finally get a job and/or study! Wheeeeeeee! Wheeee!

When I go back, I need to start applying for a GRE date and start studying!




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