Project Grateful 365: Day 72, 73, 74, 75! Combo Edition

 18 to 21st, January 2013

Day 72: Today I am grateful that I am flying to Bangkok!

Day 73: Grateful for day of relaxation, massages, shopping and yummy good!

Day 74: Grateful that I lost only my IPhone. I got pick-pocketed along the streets of Chinatown. I could have been more careful on hindsight, but in my opinion I did whatever I could to be careful and sh***y things just happen from time to time. I’m grateful because having traveled so much (which is something to be thankful for too 😀 ) has made me less weary/fearful of danger. This incident has renewed my vigilance for travel and made me realized that I need to be more careful whenever I’m travelling. Especially when I’m alone. More importantly, I’m grateful I didn’t lose my passport or wallet with my cards and ID which is  way more troublesome.

I was raging like a bull for 20 minutes after I lost the phone. Kris and I are so atuned to each other that he just didn’t play Mr Fix it and just allowed me to rage for a while. Okay maybe like 30 – 40 minutes. Haha I love him! I was yelly belly and annoyed to the max. And he just kept quiet and just didn’t try offer any solutions, but let me decide what I wanted to do/where I wanted to go. Which was, go back immediately to the hotel, call my sis, cancel my line, call various places that we went, google for police, find out about paperwork for travel insurance and he just let me do my thing very patiently waiting in the hotel. Well done Beevers, we can now go sign THE papers, you passed the test! (Just kidding la! *kiss kiss*

In any case, Bangkok has lost its wonderful charm on me. I need a new favourite city. Decisons Decisons Decisions.

My interview is on the 23rd and in about a week, I should receive that coveted Visa I have been waiting months and months for.

So…..All is good!

If anything, I’ve learnt to be thankful in all circumstances!

Cest Le Vie!

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