Project Grateful 365: Day 68 + Day 69 + Day 70

Jan 14th to Jan 16th 2013

I’m grateful for my (Jan 14th) pedicure & Manicure and (Jan 15th) hair cut!

IMG_9973 IMG_9941


Pampering myself is a nice feeling. Above all, boi boi seems to love my bright green toe nails and polka doted nails, he was quite happily admiring them this morning. After a while, he decided that he wanted to taste them. Hahaha! Nothing new!

I decided to do my nails in Singapore because I can no longer do them in the states, when I do housework and related chores it always cracks my nails. So in Singapore, perfect time. I can pretend to be a princess tai tai.

Jan 16th (Thankful for the time with Bunny Tan)

She’s currently working towards her PHD and is always very busy, but I’m glad she took time to come have a meal and dessert with me! Bunny’s one of my best friends ever and I’m so glad she’s enjoying what she’s doing! Hurrah!

bunny tan food

We went to Watami at Jcube and ordered a feast:

1) Ramen

2) Cheese fondue with veggies

3) Caesar Salad

and shared them all! Super yums! Bunny also generously treated me! Noms. Thanks Bunny

2 Jurong East Central 1
#01-17 JCube
Tel: 66845300
Shining Nails 

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