Project Grateful 365: Day 66

January 13th, 2013

Today I am grateful that my heat rash is starting to subside.

2 days after baking arriving in Singapore, I developed a nasty nasty heat rash. I blame it on the afternoon walk from Woodleigh Mrt into Cedar Ave, (What was I thinking!!!!!!!) anyways I self medicated on Zyrtec — an anti-histamine but 2 days after it got worse and worse. Yesterday I finally had enough of scratching and went to the doctor nearby.

He gave me a stronger version of an anti-histamine for the night (so that I am no longer the scratchy monkey), some steroids, and a stronger version of the pansy 1% cortisone cream that I was previously using!

My rashes are no more so protruding and disgusting, so I am a happy camper!

The ‘Loot’ from the Doctor’s.


As a base (to neutralize the harmful chemicals on my delicate skin! ha!) , I borrowed some of baby Ice’s soothing ointment  called ‘Mum + Bub”. They sell this for 24.90 in Singapore. HOLY GUCAMOLEY!

mum + bub

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