Project Grateful 365: Day 62 + 63

Day 62: Today I am grateful that I got to spend time with my lil bub

This morning, we spent some glorious time together walking by the pool, eating and waltzing. Well more like us trying/pretending to Waltz. He was such a good sport tho, bestowing me with super cute smiles. He was such a little Cutie Pie!


Little Curious Ice, looking all around at the pool, plants and lush greenery.

IMG_9837Looking pensive and a little tired because it’s his morning nap time.

**Updates: Lil Ice is feeling better these days, less pooping all day long! He’s no longer a little pooplet!

Day 63: Today I am grateful for my ex colleagues.

Made a date with two of my best buddies from my ex work place to go for lunch. Since I was early, decided to trot into Cedar Avenue to say hi to everyone. Twas hot hot hot on the way in, but I’m glad I did. Was nice to see everyone and spend some time catching up, so it was good!

Forgot to take photos of the people, but I got some photos of the yummy food we shared!


French chicky


Koi fresh milk tea

IMG_9853MOF Nabeyaki udon with tempura

Twas a good day, good friends/good company and a decadent afternoon.

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