Project Grateful 365: Day 61

Jan 9th: Today I am grateful for the efficient public transport in Singapore. 

Cheap and mostly efficient. Singaporeans have it good.

In the US, I pay 2.25 USD per ride, no matter the distance. (Which by the way is going to increase to 2.50 USD in the near future)

In Singapore, I pay much less. The fare is by distance and the maximum fare is 2.10 SGD, which is about 1.70USD.

Did I also mention that SMRT has no rats, is air conditioned and very clean? Very little crazies too!

The subways in the US have service changes a lot tho, (mostly at night) and thats a huge pain.

But, the people in SMRT are not as gracious, grown men will fight with you for the nearest seat and people will pretend to fall asleep when they see an elderly person/pregnant person walk into the train.

Comparatively, there are much more gallant men in the subways of NYC. I have met some who would ‘force open’, closing doors when they see me with huge bags from the supermarket and trying to rush into the train when the doors are closing. Men usually maintain eye contact when when the seat in front of the both of us opens and will usually offer the seat to little me. Women do the same too actually, just to be polite. Not everyone tho, there are people who would just not care. But nobody has ever shoved me aside to get to the available seat, which I hugely appreciate. 🙂

The subways in NYC operate 24 hours tho, so thats a huge plus.

Anyways, I’m glad transport is highly efficient in both cities. Nothing is perfect I say, but both are still one of the best public transport systems in the world.

mta smrt

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