Project 365: Day 57

Today I am grateful for the awesome and affordable healthcare in Singapore.

I never did realize it but healthcare in Singapore is so cheap compared to the US. I recently paid like 280 USD for an MRI (w/o insurance) for my ankle, got a date within a week. Comparatively an MRI (with insurance) will cost like 2000 USD and the waiting time is probably more than a week. If I go to the emergency room, its 75 usd flat rate (w/o insurance) for medication, X-ray and seeing the doctor. I believe I had a friend who paid like 800usd (as a foreigner w/o insurance) to go to the emergency room for food poisoning.

I know, I’m moving to the US but I’m grateful that my loved ones at home get to have affordable healthcare! 😀

(Not that I wish anyone get sick of course!)

Anyhow, this came to mind because my poor lil micro sweetheart Isaiah is in the hospital as I type. I think he must have pooped like 100 times in 5 days, saw 1 GP, 1 PD and finally is warded at the hospital now. 🙁

He seems to have stopped for a while, we’ll see!

Get well soon Sweetie Pie.

Yiyi will give you lots of extra tender cuddles when she’s back in 3 days!


The cutest baby ever to down a hospital gown


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