Project Grateful 365: Day 54

Today I am grateful for my brand new orange luggage!

My huge black one which has accompanied me for 7 years has seen better days. More importantly the stupid TSA regulations dictate that I cannot lock my luggage and my old school trusty suitcase unfortunately closes securely by the inbuilt locks on the bag. So each and every time I fly long haul, I worry about it exploding mid air. It costs 15usd average to shrink wrap the bag every time I fly to the US, so this purchase is justified. Or so I tell myself

So my first activity for 2013 is actually, *ahem* shopping.


Don’t ask me how much it costs. Too much I say! But my boss said, I like Victorinox, so being the humble servant, I obeyed! AHAHAHA

I’ve named it too, Orange the Luggage. I know right, I’m creative that way.

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