Project Grateful 365 Day 50 (28th Dec) and Day 51(29th Dec)

Day 51: Today I am grateful for Kris’s extended family

I’ve met them a couple of times now and they have never failed to welcome me warmly into their lives. I think they have a little difficulty understanding my accent, but they are always patient and genuine in wanting to hear what I/We have been up too. Its nice partaking in their family ‘reunions’ in gramma’s cosy and warm apartment!

On a side note, I feel very Chinese every time I travel away from the big cities. I guess less so, in Vermont, but still I never see much Chinese people in the way up to Burlington. Over breakfast (at the hotel), there was this elderly lady who seemed to be so curious about me. I noticed from the corner of my eye that she would look up after every bite of cheerios she took. When I looked up, she would be slightly embarrassed and looked back down at her cheerios. For some reason, it tickled me greatly.

I wandered along the hallways of Gramma’s retirement community and noticed that every single one of the residents seem to be white anglo saxon. Just sayin’.

Day 52: Today I am grateful for Kris’s patience! 


We started at 2(Essex) and got off at 21(NYC, Penn Station)

We had a long trip on the Amtrak from Essex to NYC and took us over 9 hours. I fell asleep a couple of times on Kris’s shoulder and he just stayed very still while I snuggled on his arm and snoozed away. He’s my favorite pillow in winter, big strong and warm. He’s super sweet that way, never moving because he doesn’t want to wake me up and would rather let his arm go to sleep. I feel very very loved every time I wake up on his arm! I feel a little bad tho, but he doesn’t seem to mind that much. 😛 He’s very patient with me, so I am thankful today for that today. (and for the million times other times I fell asleep on his shoulders!) *kiss kiss for kris kris*

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