Project Grateful 365: Day 43

Today I am grateful that I finally learnt how to layer my clothing and not look like a dumpling!


So now I no longer look like this:



or this:


But look like this:


I got this super warm jacket at a 66% discount! I don’t care if its last season or last-last season! As long as it keeps me warm and doesn’t make me look like a christmas penguin!

(I never understood the obbession with following what’s hot at the moment, shouldn’t one buy stuff that you look best in? Instead of blindly falling trends that are totally not flattering to your body shape? Puzzling human behavior)

I love this jacket, its cashmere blend with wool and for some reason it doesn’t irritate my nose as much as the other wool jacket I got a few years ago from ZARA. 100% cashmere is super duper ex, but super super soft and warm so I think I made a nice compromise with the jacket and its blended fabrics!

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