Project Grateful 365: Day 42

Today I am grateful for the chocolate tour I went to last night

(honestly tho, I would not recommend it to anyone because the full price is 40 bucks, we got a deal which cost 19 bucks so it was okay. You probably get like 10-12 bucks worth of chocolate. The ones from the gourmet shops were so tiny its laughable. We got 1 small cupcake, 1 cookie, 1 truffle, 2 sips of hot chocolate,  1 super thin quarter size chocolate, 1 mini cannoli and just morsels of chocolate from other gourmet chocolate stores) 

However there were some good ones! Stuff I loved!


We didn’t get to eat frosty but got a tiny bit of chocolate, too tiny to be photographed, too tiny to be called a piece and very ‘meh’ in my opinion. But frosty at the window display was cute and made me very happy! I started singing all I wanted for christmas was frosty the chocolate snowman! But Kris just ignored me. :*(

IMG_0977The star of the night was the famous Magnolia cupcake, double dark chocolate, twas’ very sinful but oh so so so so good! Was around 3.50 a pop for a small but cute cupcake, so forget about the tour and just go get a cupcake and be one very happy camper!

On a side note, we’re leaving for upstate New York tomorrow night. I checked the weather  and HOLY GUCAMOLEY its -6/-13 on Christmas day. I recall the same temperatures in Berlin in Christmas 2009, was not very fun. I am staying INDOORS, unless there is snow, then I will venture out 20 metres to make a snowman and a snow fort! Then, I will make Kris run in front of me 20 times so I can pelt snowballs at him! #bestfianceeoftheyearaward!!!!!

Tee Hee Hee

A real snowy Christmas, I am so eggcited!

*sings* Santa Claus is coming to towwwwwwnnnnnnnn.

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