Project Grateful 365: Day 41

Today I am grateful that I got to see the New York Philharmonic

IMG_0942 IMG_0946

One of Kris’s Christmas presents was the New York Philharmonic (Hendel’s Messiah) because he likes it and he has always wanted to watch it. So when I found the link for some orchestra tickets (first 5 rows! woot woot) for cheap cheaper, I decided that it would be part of his Christmas present. We’re going upstate to his parents place for Christmas so we had to watch the concert yesterday. I’m glad he enjoyed it.

I’m glad I watched it though because I’ve heard so much about how good it was. Although I think it was not really my cuppa tea, I was very bored throughout till the Hallelujah part! Where there was more BOM BOM BOM and wayyyy more exciting than the first half.  I spent a huge amount of time trying not to doze off in the first part, I know right, my cultural quotient for this stuff is like net negative! To be fair, there was this 70 year old man beside me snoring, so I feel vindicated. #onceyou’re70youcangetawaywithanything!!!!

Nonetheless, its one of those things checked off my bucket list!

*PS: Kris ended up paying for those tickets, but ermmmmm its the thought that counts? oppsie daisies! so thanks Kris! Merry Christmas in advance

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