Project Grateful 365: Day 40

Today I’m grateful I have a roof over my head!

Officially winter in the Northern Hemisphere begins in 3 days, it is not fun being cold. I feel sorry for the homeless people all over the city. I wonder where they go when it starts being super cold, super windy and starts snowing?

Snow in the city is kind of slushy and dirty. When it snows and then hardens, it makes the ground very slippery coz you’re kind of walking on ice. Lil Ms ClumsyMcClumberson finds it a challenge not to fall flat on her face 😛


Slushy Snow!

Very different from the winter wonderland Singaporeans imagine snow to be!

On the bright side, I leave NYC on the 5th of Jan 2013 to warm toasty Singapore and when I come back in possibly mid Feb winter, the cold will almost be gone! Tee Hee Hee *I’m not sure why I like this bimbo laugh, but its kinda cute*

Looks like everything is perfectly timed and planned.


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