Project Grateful 365: Day 39

Grateful for finally seeing the Rockefeller’s Christmas Tree up close and personal!


Its a real tree too! I know it sounds very dumb but I honestly thought such a big tree would be fake! I mean the climate in Singapore doesn’t warrant pine trees so I’ve always grew up seeing fake trees only!

IMG_0897The happy bots posing in front of the Rockefeller Xmas tree.


This is Mike, one of Kris’s college buddies.





Only in America!!!!

Frosty the Risque Snowman


Ended the night with Chevy’s! Tex-Mex in America basically means American infused Mexican food. (Texan-Mexican FYI)


My prawn combo

IMG_0894Kris’s burrito combo

Was too much food as usual, so I took it home for breakfast and lunch. I feel less guilty about eating out when I eat it for 2 meals. It kills 3 birds with 1 stone because 1) I dont have to cook tomorrow, 2) because I don’t need to get fat fatter! 😛 and 3) No job = No income = need to be thrifty.

Not earning income for so many months its not fun. Don’t get me wrong Kris provides for my needs and wants, but you know, its just nice making your own moo-lah! Feeling independent and not having to feel guilty when you buy frivolous stuff like frosty the snowman cookies because they are cute! I KID. I think we want a place of our own, I want to start graduate school, save for my future business etc etc. I always feel the need to save for rainy days and not being able to save for these few months has been discomforting.


In 6-8 more months I should be able to get my employment pass. I’m so excited to find a job! I probably want to try studying part time and working part time. I have worker-bee Asian genes 😛

I really need to start researching for wedding license/VISApapersforAOS/graduateschool/resume/jobsearching blah blah blah HUMBUG!


8 more days to Christmas! Please let it snow in upstate, please let it snow in upstate! Please let it snow in upstate!!!!! (But not too much that roads and flights are delayed thankyouverymuch)

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