FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD (Pan fried slow roasted duck; italian cookies; Sushi)

I have never cooked duck before and I really like duck confit.

So today I tried a healthier version of duck confit! No gravy or deep frying involved.

It was panfried for a while with its own fat and then slowly roasted on a medley of veggies.

It was YUMZ


The duck was marinated with thyme and salt, trick is to make sure that the raw duck is as dry as possible. Pan fry over medium heat before roasting. If you want a crispier duck skin avoid ‘water-logged’ veggies like tomatoes!

On friday night we went for sushi to celebrate our 21 months of engagement and passed by this Italian cookie place. We were able to resist temptation and only came out with a cannoli to share!


Sushi and the rest of dinner


It was probably still like 700 calories for the entire stick. 4 usd

The other yummy things on display, can’t wait to go back to try those!


Assorted fruit tarts

IMG_0861Key lime pie – 6.50usd (I love this, but it was too pricely IMHO)

IMG_0860Assorted pies

Pasticeeria Rocco
243 Bleecker St
(between Carmine St & Leroy St) 
New York, NY 10014
Neighborhood: West Village
546 Laguardia Pl
(between 3rd St & Bleecker St)
New York, NY 10012
Neighborhood: Greenwich Village

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