The disciplinarian/teacher in ME!

Last night at Avenue Q, there was a group of high schoolers, maybe 14-16 watching the musical  They were a bunch of rowdy noisy and mostly really cattish sounding teenagers. Its really the age of anger and angst, I can say that because I was an annoying teenager also, so I can relate. Although I’m hoping not as badly behaved as them.

For the first half the show which was a little more than 1hour, those annoying girls were yapping non stop. Making stupid commentaries and talking non stop!

*side tracked a little: When we entered 15 minutes before the show started, Kris was like OMG, this is like what I have to endure everyday *yak yak yak* why do I have to do it in the theatre also!* *evil glare* He better be joking.


I thought that when the musical started, they would stop.


NOT only that! they were laughing SO LOUDLY at wrong timings and long after the joke ended and kept kicking my chair! #annoyingmuch?

I was pretty annoyed after 20 minutes, so I went SSSsssshhhhh, and I heard other members of the audience go SSsssshhhh a few other times, but they just wouldn’t SHUT it.

At intermission.











I turned around super angrily, with my best impersonation of of my authoritative teacher face and scanned around for the teacher.

I marched up to him and asked, ‘Excuse me, are these your students?’ Then proceeded to point out all the yappy girls.

He feebly said, ‘Yes.’

and then I told him

“Well, they have been talking NON STOP throughout the first half of the show and I AM ACTUALLY TRYING to enjoy my show.”

**For best impact, I proceeded to really GLARE at those yapping girls” because by that time I knew they were all staring at me, because I had raised my voice for them to here**

“Can you please get them to KEEP QUIET and stop kicking my chair because its ANNOYING as hell.”

**then I glared at the diva sitting behind me again*

Walked off with my head held high.

I’m glad to report at the 2nd half, you could practically hear if a pin actually dropped.



***On a side note, (IMHO) it was thoroughly inappropriate for teenagers to watch Avenue Q. I mean there was a ‘sex scene’ between the muppets and they were all like GOING WILD. I swear to God, the level of raging hormones was shooting through the roof.




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