Project Grateful 365: Day 35: 21 months of being engaged!

Today what I am grateful for is especially special! We celebrated our 21st month of being engaged yesterday with a broadway play – Avenue Q!

Our actual engagement  is actually March 14th, 2011. But decided to celebrate in advance since I managed to snag some front row RUSH tickets for like 30% the price. #thethriftyhousewifestrikesagain

Just for old times sake, decided to reminisce with some photos!

17th May 2009, His first bouquet of flowers for me 😀

Dec 2009, our first trip to Seoul

Hongkong April 2010

@Krabi 14th March 2011, where he proposed!

Official Engagement Photos 2011

Our engagement cum farewell cum wedding party in 2012. (This was for my friends and family in Singapore who are unfortunately unable to fly to the US for our legal marriage ceremony which is happening soon-ish!!!! :DDDDD )

Depending on visa papers, come Feb/March 2013 we’ll go to city hall and be officially married. (that sure took a while! but I’m glad after this final interview in the Singapore American Embassy, we no longer need to keep flying back and forth or be apart!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!)

In some ways, I feel like we’re officially married already. All our plans revolve around one another, more importantly we snap at each occasionally! Oh who am I kidding, at least once a week! haha! That my friends, is my definition of BEING MARRIED! I mean you’re not a real couple unless you’re snappy! But its okay, we always kiss and make up! The funny thing was Avenue Q had such a funny song about Love.

(Only those with a sense of humor will find it funny!)

REMEMBER KRISTOPHER! The golden rule to a marriage is


Tee Hee Hee

Jokes aside, it has been an awesome 21st months, trooping all across the globe, I’ve never been happier sweetheart!!!!!

Kristopher Ryan Beevers. I love you so very very much!

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