Day 33: Project Grateful 365; Grateful for Ice cream

Ice cream is much richer and cheaper in America, well at least the imported ones are much cheaper. The milk is somewhat creamier and its really good. I love this upstate ice cream place called Pennecks (which is unfortunately only opens in summer!Boo hoo!) where they have freshly made soft serve ice cream. A piece of heaven on a cone I say!

In the city, I make do with slightly more expensive ice cream, but still for its quality/value much better than the ones I get back home. Mostly because there are no cows in Singapore and the Malaysian cows seem to be half the size of American ones.




Presenting to you……

Wholefoods double chocolate gelato!!!!!

This is my 3rd tub already. Its not as sinful as Ben & Jerry’s, almost half the calories and oh so good! I love it. Whole food sometimes sells affordable and quality stuff, although I usually go to trader joe’s. Once in a while, I tell Kris. ‘Lets go for a walk, its healthy!.’ Then I sneakily walk up West Broadway towards Whole Foods in Tribeca. I come out of the store with tubs of ice cream and he looks at me very judging eyes. *hahahaha*

So the picture above was taken last night, when I was sitting at my computer reading something or another when he comes up and sweetly scoops me a bowl of ice cream. Needless to say, I was very pleased. Such a sweetie pie right? But in any case, ANYBODY who scoops ice cream for me, how can I not Love?


*sugar high*

So on Day 33: I am grateful for ice cream, it makes me happy and bouncy! *Tiggerlicious*

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