Project Grateful 365: Day 30

Today I am grateful for my Yoga Mat. 



Its happy and positive and the perfect way to start my day! Inspired by D, I have decided to do 20 crunches every morning to strengthen my abs and hopefully it will help decrease the pressure on my lower back. It has been hurting a little recently. Boo Hoo Hoo.

I have knee problems, ankles issues and lower back issues and it is ANNOYING as hell. But complaining isn’t going to help, so every morning, I’m going to try and do crunches and see if that helps. I’m going for pilates which focuses on core strengthening exercises too. I really need to set aside more time everyday to focus on strengthening exercises and NOT be lazy! So my cute little yoga mat might help! I need a healthy dose of discipline too.


And just because I love my nephew. Here’s a picture of lil baby Ice. (Short for Isaiah, don’t ask me why. His mummy started the trend.)

His favorite activity now is thumb sucking. It freaks my sis and BIL very much because they think its dirty. I personally think its normal, healthy and so very cute, but whatever his parents want goes!

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