Project Grateful 365: Day 29

Today I am grateful for life in general, for all the good and bad that has happened to me because it has moulded me to the person that I am today.

Life honestly has been pretty good to me, I have a loving hubbabot, a loving family **its far from perfect, but still perfectly imperfect :)** , understanding and open minded parents in law, wonderfully supportive friends.

In retrospect, I’m glad of the long VISA process, it used to bother me SO much a few months back but now I realized that is a great thing!

I have had so much time to think. To stop, to ponder and to really explore and discover myself. In the past it was always work study work study, work work work! I didn’t have time to sit back and enjoy life. But because of this opportunity to stop work/school I’ve learnt so much about myself.

Initially getting allowance from Kris was hard, I mean it just didn’t feel right to me. But right now, its like whatever, I moved 9000 miles for him, he can feed and clothe me! (much to Kris’s dismay I suppose!). Back then, I felt like I wasn’t doing something useful and was being held back in life! But in retrospect the 3 glorious months of watching my nephew and taking care of him was God sent. Because I love him so much and because I love babies in general, I have been reading up so much on babies that I feel very confident of taking care of my own kid! (Which says a lot because I am a perfectionist and motherhood to me is SERIOUS business! I have HUGE issues towards people who have kids just because its time to have kids! What is wrong with you!!!!)

My little heartbreaker nephew 🙂

Over past couple of months, I’ve learn to cook and clean and manage a household, planning yummy meals. Its a different skill set compared to being a teacher, but still my quest for perfection in all things has taught me to research on the most efficient ways to cook and clean. I take great pride in yummy meals and a shiny squeaky clean house!

Of course its not all work, there is a lot of play involved! I’ve done many road trips around the East coast. I’ve been to Maine, Syracuse, Vermont, Washington DC, Boston, Watertown, New Hampshire. I’ve gone to Japan, Bangkok, Malaysia all in 2012! I’m so glad I’ve always been thrifty so that me not working for 2 years has not put us in any serious financial hardship. Although sometimes I worry a little too much about financials. I need to strike a better balance I guess.

I remember while strolling along the National Mall in Washington, DC. I saw this cute little squirrel stuffing his face and I was like, Oh so cute and greedy, just like me! Always looking for food and eating!

Kris was like: Yes, just like you cute and always worrying about everything! Look at the squirrel always looking around and panicking about harmless humans and bouncing off at the slightest noise.

I rolled my eyes plenty at that annoying boy! But I smiled because I know its slightly true. I worry too much sometimes, but its better than not worrying at all and spending every cent you’ve got!

Thats how squirrels survive! They store and hoard for winter, so that during winter (hardship) they have plenty of food!

I stand by my belief that thrifty-ness is a virtue! Spending on credit has caused the US economy to crash. (I know the reasons are more complex than that, but its still part of the reason!)

So boobookid! (You know who you are!) Remember to save! College education is just going to increase! *nag nag nag*

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