The Isaiah Dairies: Isaiah turns 4 months

Its 6th of Nov 2012 in Sg as I type and Isaiah turns 4 months old today. He is really the cutest thing ever. Iris told me something that tickled me greatly the other day.

Isaiah was being grumpy and Grandma admonished him for being naughty, apparently he got upset at grandma, pouted for a while and refused to look at her for the evening.

His grumpy-let face after being ‘scolded’

At first my family was skeptical because yes, he looks grumpy but maybe its just a coincidence.

However, when Iris and Martinus came back, he was ‘blabbering non stop as if he was complaining to them’. To top the cherry on the cake, grandma who had just scolded him moments ago moved to his left, he turned his head to the right! When grandma moved to the right, he turned his head to the left. He did it a grand total of 4 times.


I think that’s pretty much evidence enough that at 4 months, babies do know they are being scolded and can ‘complain’ about it. Its very intriguing the pysche of a baby, I often wonder, what is he really thinking?

If he really does understand, I hope that he knows that his Yiyi in America loves him SO very much. He’s our little precious angel-let.

So his mummy did some research and sent an article to me, saying that babies at the age of 0-6 needs to be cuddled and loved so that they can develop a sense of security and that its impossible to spoil a baby at that age. Of course there are opposing schools of thoughts, but I wonder who’s right at the end. Any behavioral scientists have done actual scientific research to back up those claims?

One thought on “The Isaiah Dairies: Isaiah turns 4 months

  1. Mary Adele Ng

    I could not believed that this lil cutie was upset until he turned away from me for four times when I called him. He is not only adorable but very smart too at four month old.


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