Project Grateful 365: Day 28

Today I am grateful for my mother.

Despite all the philosophical differences we might have, despite the fact that we always squabble, despite the fact that I was always the rebellious youngest little kid that was always talking back.

**context: (Asian children are not supposed to talk back! When I was growing up my sisters used to tell me little kids should be seen and not heard! That worked out the opposite really, I am one of the most opinionated person I know.I’m proud of that, it was probably because of their taunting, or perhaps its my innate nature not to take sh*t from anyone.) *thumps chest*

 Back to the point of the post, deep down I am very grateful for her, for taking care of the 3 of us on her own and doing the best in her capacity for all of us. I’m grateful that she didn’t just bail out and take off like my Dad did, despite me being so ‘difficult’. 😛

*PS: I would like to think that I was difficult with style!*

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