Why Project Grateful 365?

Some people have been asking me why I started this Project. The most straightforward answer would be that I have time on my hands as a housewife, to blog everyday. I’m am introspective by nature and writing little nuggets everyday, helps to consolidate my thoughts and helps my brain be a little less rusty.

I guess the reason why I chose this Project is partly inspired by this blogger as well as Kris. The blogger Bing (she has stopped that now tho), started a project 365 for pictures, one picture everyday and I guess I got the idea from there. The grateful part is inspired by Kris, he’s one of the happiest people I know on Earth. He worries very little and no matter what life throws at him, he just uses it to make lemonade *gulp gulp*. He always tells me that one must CHOOSE to be happy, and I’m like, ‘YAR easy for you to say because you’re intelligent, have a wonderful family, cutest fiancee in the world! (haha!) and and career wise pretty successful.’ I really thought that way for a long time, but after a while when shitty things happened, like all our visa crap I realised that he was still able to maintain his sunny disposition while I was down in the dumps having a pity party all by myself.

So I did a little more probing and realised that the trick to his sunny disposition is always to do what he can, then STOP worrying. Seems easy enough? But very difficult in reality when one faces a difficult situation. So I decided to improvise, I decided that every single day, no matter how terrible I feel, I am going to write down 1 thing that I am grateful for. I realise that slowly after 27 days, I am now able to look at the bright side of life much more effortlessly.

The lesson learnt from this little experiment of mine is that HAPPINESS takes work, you can’t sit down moan and groan and expect to be happy. If you want to be happy, you have to WORK at it. Be more grateful of the little things. After all in the grand scheme of things, its the little things that add up and ultimately matter in life.

**PS to Kris: Nagging is independent of being grateful. While I’ve very grateful for the nice little home you provide for me, nagging will still happen when you walk into the house with shoes or throw your laundry around 😛 Just would like to highlight that. *kisses*

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